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Formed in 2011, Faun and a Pan Flute is a seven-member ensemble focusing on collaborative composition from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Dan Bailey - Bass Guitar
Chris Childs - Marimba
David Gray - Guitar
John Gregg - Percussion
Julian Hinshaw - Tuba
Benjamin Shirley - Cello
Peter Webb - Alto Saxophone

The masters of frenetic rhythms are back and intent upon slicing, dicing, and chopping your preconceptions of progressive music into a chaotic salad.

- Russell Rockwell


The musical prowess, emotional depth and the sheer velocity with which the music changes shows off a clarity of vision albeit abstract that comes from the kind of experience these players have collectively experienced. 

- Chad Radford


Faun and a Pan Flute might just be the most remarkable band you've never heard of. 

- Dave Wayne