"2014 - 2016"

"2014 - 2016"

Partially released through the "Brevity" single and tour-only EP, "Traffic," "2014 - 2016" is the culmination of 3+ years of collaborative composition in Faun's most robust, nine-member form.

Released on July 28, 2017 

Music by Faun and a Pan Flute
Recorded and Mixed by Benjamin Price at studilaroche in Atlanta, GA
Mastered by Alex Lowe at Red Tuxedo in Atlanta, GA
Artwork by Wihro Kim

Ada Babar - Guitar
Dan Bailey - Bass Guitar
Daniel Betts - Drums
Chris Childs - Marimba
David Gray - Guitar
John Gregg - Percussion
Julian Hinshaw - Tuba
Benjamin Shirley - Cello
Peter Webb - Alto Saxophone

Available Now: Cassette // CD // 2x LP // Digital

From the Liner Notes: I suppose that’s the essence of the group in the end: nine musicians with diverse histories (trained and untrained, folk and academic, improvisational and compositional, peaceable and defiant) trying to cull out meaning from obscure places – trying to respect what others found. We failed so many times. We were trying to learn how to listen; we’re still learning. The extent to which the tunes reflect this balance of styles, ideas, voices, and goals is the extent to which we think they succeed and are worth recording. ... “2014-2016” documents the musical outcomes of these engagements which for all their tension retained a striking urgency that kept inspiring us to show up.

The album arrives as a natural, logical conclusion to a chapter in Faun's impressionistic jazz, rock and modern classical music hybrids. It also sets up a pivotal next up move to step off the diving board and plunge deeper and higher into the musical vocabulary the group has created. And it is a singular language that's growing more complex.

- Chad Radford, Creative Loafing ATL (full review here)

The band's cooperatively-written compositions are a crazy quilt of interlocking sections during which different instrumental combinations come to the fore as others drop into the background. And though the music on Traffic possesses the forward motion of the best fusion and progressive rock, the modus operandi on this EP does not include improvisational solos. In essence, Traffic is an album of through-composed pieces that have more in common with contemporary classical music.

- Dave Wayne, AllAboutJazz (full review here)

This album is the result of the band’s commitment to the music, to the discipline of writing, rehearsing, playing, and recording. I hope I have captured and presented the music and tones in a faithful and articulate way. Take the time to open up the various moods and emotions presented here. This is music to grow with.

- Benjamin Price, producer